Instagram Accounts For Nomads, Music Lovers & Foodies To Follow

I love pictures. I love technology. Combine the two and I'm addicted! These nomads, foodie lovers, musicians and travel enthusiasts inspires me. Who should you follow on Instgram?

The BazaarBohemian

Vanessa a.k.a. The BazaarBohemian is my {LOVER}. She is B-A-E!!!  Not that we date, but we call each other {LOVERS} because our spirits are very connected. One of the most genuine souls I've met in a long time. I wake up each morning to an inspiring quote or a beautiful picture of 'Brown Bohemians' from following her feed. She's releasing a new book in 2016, traveling around the world and taking care of her mini-piggy Pineapple.

Hungry Hipsters

I was working on a few projects when a close friend tagged me on the Hungry Hipsters account. And at the time I was hungry! Did she hear my stomach growl from miles away? How did she know I was hungry? Wait-a-minute...  I was about to call her and say, "Come fix me a plate, since you are tagging me in these food posts!"  I was instantly hipped to the Hungry Hipsters account. For one, I'm a Foodie and a Hipster, so it fits.... If you are looking for food and style ideas Hungry Hipsters is a channel I've fallen in love with. 


Born and raised in the great city of New York DJ Neil Armstrong is an all-around guy. He DJS, cooks, travels, runs and he's a Brand Ambassador for Adidas. And did I mention, he was Jay-Z's former tour DJ! Neil and I have been online friends for a few years, and we partnered to launch Brunch & A Mixtape in Atlanta last year during A3C Weekend in Atlanta. 


Have you ever hugged someone and never wanted to let go? That's how I feel when Chelsea and I interact with each other. Her energy, smile and attitude is always upbeat and positive. She's a yoga instructor, educator and also leads a Yoga, Literature and Art Camp for teen girls at Spelman College every year. Follow her and get inspiration to practice yoga and meditation. 


Whenever I'm boarding a flight Soulection Radio is already in rotation. Soulection is bringing the Sound Of Tomorrow to the masses. I'm thankful to know this team of folks who are genuine, making hella-big moves and spreading their vibes across the globe. Attend their monthly party in Los Angeles or listen to their weekly radio show each Saturday on Beats 1  Radio. 


Visiting Atlanta soon? Do you love to dance and have an amazing time? When I'm not traveling catch me with the WERC CREW family at our monthly events and shows.  WERC CREW is a collective of DJS, producers and tastemakers leading Atlanta's creative scene and we were recently voted for Atlanta's Best Nightlife Event and Creative Party Planners. Feel free to be YOURSELF at any WERC CREW event! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.24.01 AM.png


No matter where you are in the world, Eat Here ATL's channel will inspire you. Scroll down their feed and your mouth begins to water and you start to salivate. Try not to lick the screen! Eat Here ATL is my #1 go to guide when I'm looking for new restaurants to try in Atlanta. Hopefully, more Eat Here channels will be developed for other cities.  


A world traveler, creative and down to earth guy. Simon Gray's motto is "Trying to live a quiet life while making stuff with my friends." Quietness for Simon is an understatement. He's been making a lot of noise lately with his new t-shirt line and the J. Gray line of men's bags. If he's not kicking it in the states, you can find him hanging out in Cuba. 


Originally from Paris, France and raised in New York 'Young Paris' is bringing hot African inspired dance music and style to a new generation of folks. His performances are full of energy, inspired by traditional African dances and his family is part of the live show. 


Traveling to Africa soon? You need to follow Tastermakers Africa. Since the launch of their site and app, I've been a fan. The goal of the company is to provide digitally savvy travelers a new way to experience Africa. Their mission is to disrupt what we think about Africa. Be sure to download the app. Available on iOS and Android.