Dan's Story: Creating Art While Being A Nomad In South America

When I first arrived here at Casa Agrreste (via www.workaway.info). The idea was proposed to me of painting a mural on the side of the bed-and-breakfast.  Besides being shocked at the coincidence of what he needed and that I am an artist, I was so excited that I got to "leave my mark" if you will, in this beautiful country.

I asked Felipe the owner of the hostel, what exactly he was looking for and he replied with the definition of the name Agrreste, which was "wild".  Something that incorporated nature, he said.  Immediately I guess my mind went to Mother Nature and her "breath of life", which is the title of the piece. 

This is by far the largest "canvas" I've ever painted on, you could say I'm addicted now... 

"I believe art speaks to people stronger the bigger the piece is." 

My ultimate goal while here in Colombia is to reach out to schools and hostels and small businesses and offer to paint murals on or inside the buildings, based on an idea they feel fits their environment. I want to inspire the youth to dig into their inner creativity and encourage them to let it out in a healthy way. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have amazing people that believed in me and opened up the doors to my creativity over the years.   

Right now I am staying here at Casa Agrreste in Sopó, a wonderful property a little outside of Bogota, until I finish the mural, then I head to Bogota for about a month. Ultimately I would like to reach cities like Medellin and Cartagena and do some work there, possibly through sponsorship of some kind. 

I'm 21 years old coming from Portland, Oregon and raised in Coeurd'Alene, Idaho.  Painting, drawing, and photography are my true passions but I love to skateboard, mountain bike, most anything outdoors honestly.  I love to meet new and amazing people and I strongly believe that you can attract the people into your life that will make a positive impact.

Meeting Will and Caleb was most definitely an example of that as we have so much in common and it was such a coincidence that we even met in the first place! 

Last year I decided I would throw myself into a new culture and do some solo traveling, making art along the way. I had my eye on South America and it was my good friend Connor that really sold me on Colombia.

From the scenery to the amazing sense of hospitality here, a piece of my heart has most definitely fallen in love with this country.  This trip has already taught me so much more of the power of manifestation and what & who you can bring into your own life. I just want to inspire and leave a positive impact on whoever I meet throughout my adventures.  I will keep you all updated on my travels with photography of where I go and the pictures I paint. 

Dan Haugen