Life Is Short... Please, Take A Vacation.

Sometimes just living can be challenging. I often tell people to slow down and take a break, because life is short and often we forget to LIVE. We live in a very fast-paced society that can feel like a rat race at times. 

Recently, I had a friend that contacted me about traveling and seeing the world. She felt like sitting in traffic every morning going to a 9-5 that she hated and being boxed in a cubicle was not the business.

My advice was.... "Take A Vacation! Life is too short to be worrying. Start LIVING."

Most of us spend time thinking how we are going to juggle everything that's thrown at us. Some of us have work, children, significant others, pets and even ourselves to look after. What really counts in life is the experiences and the people we share them with. Years from now you may not remember the job you hated so much, but you will remember the time you took out for yourself to travel and live freely. 

Burnsville, North Carolina - Nature Healing Retreat

Burnsville, North Carolina - Nature Healing Retreat

Spend time traveling somewhere, even if it's a trip that's 2-3 hours from your home. I understand everyone can't afford to purchase flights all over the world, but just traveling to a new city that's near you can be all the vacation that you need. Traveling opens your mind to new possibilities, cultures, languages and people. 

Roaring Falls - Burnsville, North Carolina - Nature Healing Retreat 

Roaring Falls - Burnsville, North Carolina - Nature Healing Retreat 

The Atlantic reports on a study that showed how our brain becomes more creative when we travel or move to another country. Researchers also found travelers who managed to visit and explore had higher levels of creativity than those who hadn't traveled as often. 

Truly, we are all nomads. We aren't designed to stay in one place all of our life.  Mother Earth belongs to all of us and we should seek out to discover all of her beauties. Whenever you are feeling your lowest, take yourself somewhere on a trip. Time doesn't wait for no one and experience life while you're still able. 

No matter if you are 25 or 55, live by this quote..... 

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